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PORCELEINBERG 4x4 - Riebeeck Kasteel



Route Distance:




Description: The Porceleinberg 4x4 trail is situated in the Riebeeck valley close to Hermon and Riebeeck Kasteel. This valley is famous for its vineyards and grain farming. Normally the owner arranges a fundraiser event in September for the local church and that is the only time the route is open to the public. Cederberg 4x4 have obtained special permission from the owner to drive the trail on special occasions during the year.

The trail consists of two sections, namely the mountain section where interesting technical camber and rocky section will be encountered, testing driving skills. This section is sure to lift the adrenalin levels a few notches before reaching a view point from where the entire Swartland, parts of the Boland, the Atlantic Ocean and Table Mountain can be seen.


The second section of the trail consists namely of sand and ensures great fun for all. During the winter month’s sections of the sand become water logged, bringing challenges of its own before the sand pit play area is reached. Here participants can test their sand driving skills and play to their hearts content. This trail is a good combination between mountain and sand driving with a beautiful viewpoint and is definitely worth a visit.

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Grade: 2 to 3

Route Distance: 40 km

Terrain: Mountain

Accommodation: Large camp site with full ablutions - hot water showers and flush toilets


Description: The Shannonea 4x4 trail is a reasonable new trail, adjacent to the Salmansdam Nature Reserve in the Stanford area.  A well planned trail on an active protea export farm where many of the trail tracks are used when flower harvesting takes place.  Upon reaching the viewpoint everyone will have a bird’s eye-view over nine towns in the area to even seeing as far as Cape Point and Agulhas the most southern point of Africa. Spectacular views and worth a visit any time of the year.
The trail itself is not very demanding and is approximately 40km long and will take us approximately four/five hours to complete.  Vehicles will not be damaged but a few interesting obstacles have been included for good measure.  The first being a donga crossing, where a natural spring keeps the area wet and your driving techniques will be tested and good ground clearance is important.  Remember there is nothing wrong by first walking an obstacle and checking to find the line of least resistance ensuring your safe passage through the obstacle.  Numerous camber drive sections and steep ascents will follow before reaching the viewpoint. An optional section can be negotiated where only five vehicles at a time can be accommodated at the turning point at approximately 770m above sea level.  This section will require vehicles that have the option of rear diff locks to reach the turn point.  Good fun with the peace of mind of not damaging your vehicle.


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Grade: Between 2 - 4

Route Distance: 25 km

Terrain: Sandy route with low dunes

Accommodation: No over-nighting but ablutions, lapa for braai, jungle gym & bush pub


The farm De Kleine Zoute originated in the early 1700’s as a grazing and hunting outpost for the Dutch East Indian Company. Its original name “Aan her overzyde van de Kleine Zoute Rivier” literally means “on the other side of the little salt river”. The nick name Vaatjie was given to the farm in the late 1800’s, when one of the owners., a Mr.Schietekat, sunk a well at an overnight camping spot on the transport route that crossed the farm. He used a keg (Vaatjie) to prevent the sand from filling the well. Mr.Schietekat loved his sweet wine, which he bought in Paarl. The transport riders commented that the Vaatjie wells water had a nice “sweet wine” taste!


The 4x4 route is named after the old transport route that crossed the farm. The route was used by the sandveld and west coast farmers to transport their goods to, and purchases from Cape, Town.



Grade: 2 - 3

Terrain: Sand


Description: We have visited this trail numerous times in the past and received very good feedback regarding the trail and the challenges en-route, not to mention the newly completed lapa. Good reasons for a return visit to this 4x4 trail. From the rendezvous we will continue through Atlantis, past the well-known Atlantis Dunes, heading north on the R27 (West Coast Road) for approximately 50km, just past the turn off to the West Coast National Park and turn to the right into the farm Swartbergsvlei, where we will be spending the rest of the day.


The activities on the farm will start with deflating tyres, as this is one of many important factors of sand driving. The Swartbergsvlei 4x4 trail consists mainly of sand tracks and technically challenging donga obstacles where sand-driving skills will be tested. Swartbergsvlei boasts a newly completed Bush Pub with top class facilities. A venue for future visits for other activities. Quite a bit of time will be spent at these donga obstacles as divers test their machines against the elements and sometimes against one another. The one specific sand hill challenge, the main challenge of the day, always ensures great fun and photography opportunities. A special prize will be up for grabs for the driver that conquers the dune first time round or the one that drives the closest to the top. Tyre pressure, momentum and engine torque will be the order of the day on this challenge. All this is done in good spirit with many cheers and smiles from drivers, passengers and onlookers. Enough driving and challenges will be encountered to satisfy everyone, not to mention the beautiful view from the viewpoint overlooking Yzerfontein, sections of the West Coast National Park and the West Coast itself. Here is an opportunity to enjoy a fun filled day with your fellow Cederbergers.   Swartbergsvlei is a destination well worth visiting more than once.


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MARCUSKRAAL 4X4 - Citrusdal



Route Distance:

Terrain: Mountainous

Accommodation: The newly established camp site offers lawn covered terraces, an abundance of trees providing shade and exceptionally neat and clean bathroom facilities.  A pool offers respite from the heat during the day.  All camp sites are equipped with electrical connections.


Description: Marcuskraal 4x4 is 20km from Citrusdal just off the N7 and is approximately 2 hours' drive from Cape Town.  The farm's location makes it ideal for visitors from Cape Town who want to escape the city, but do not want to spend most of their weekend traveling to their destination.


With 4x4 trails winding through mountain fynbos and revealing spectacular views of the rugged Cedarberg Mountains, Marcuskraal offers an unsurpassed experience for nature lovers and 4x4 enthusiasts.  The routes offer a wide range of driving conditions, from thick sand and loose rock to steep rocky inclines. 


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SKURWEBERG 4X4 - Sutherland


Grade: 2 - 3

Route Distance:

Terrain: Mountainous

Accommodation:The campsite is grassed with electricity, good clean ablutions with hot and cold water, a big lapa for socializing.


Description: The Skurweberg trail begins at the farm house and is a circular route, which runs down the Skuinsvoetpad and returns via the Ouberg pass.


The trickier sections include some very rocky ascents, with rocky terrain in most places other than along the river where there is water, sand and mud, with names like Banggat, Grannys bum and hotrock it sounds like fun. There are some technical sections with the option of an escape route at each of these sections, giving you the opportunity to take photographs and watch the other participants putting their vehicles through the obstacles.  This is always a good learning session where lots of inter reaction amongst the participants takes place and will ensure many discussions around the evening campfire.


The second route is called Sneeukrans and is also a circular route. This route is a genital scenic route that can be done in a 2x4 with good ground clearance.


The viewpoints on the top of the plateau are stunning (like sitting in a aeroplane) over the Tankwa Valley and Ceres Karoo and in the distance the Cederberg, Witzenberg and Swartberg through the haze.  The terrain is predominantly rocky, the area being part of the eroded Karoo sediments.


Most of the plants are marked with name tags so you can look at the plants and see what they are called.


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Grade: Between 2 - 3
Route Distance: 10 km (5 - 6 hours)
Terrain: Sand
Accommodation: Camp site with 1 flush toilet, 1 Long drop and 2 hot/cold showers with a new "Donkey" for hot water.

Description: This trail is situated in a naturally formed dune area of approx. 350 hectares, which do not grow in size or move as many other dune areas have the tendency in doing.  The dunes are unique to this area and offer the participants various forms of challenges under controlled conditions without any major impact on the environment while ensuring maximum pleasure for all.  Under the ever watchful eye of “Oom Joos” with his famous pipe car and your Cederberg 4x4 guide you will have the opportunity to experiment with your vehicle by using different gear selections to just getting to know your vehicle better while measuring your vehicle as well as your own limitations and knowing when not to over step the line.  Some of the key factors in getting over the dunes involve power, momentum and tyre pressures and as your techniques and confidence grows, those seemingly impossible dunes early the morning don’t look all that daunting as the day continues ending with interesting challenges at the famous camel dunes and a dune climb challenge.  The trail distance is approx. 10km and can vary between 5 to 6 hours to complete depending on the time of the year it is visited.  Escape option are always available if required.


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Grade: Between 2 - 4
Route Distance: approx. 12 km
Terrain: Mountain and Rock
Accommodation: Camp site next to farm dam under weeping willow trees next to a dam, this is the true meaning of relaxation. Facilities include toilets, hot water, cloakrooms and a camping kitchen. Freezing facilities are available at the Main Guest House and a spacious shed provides for an alternate campsite, should the weather turn against you. The shed is well suited as a venue for functions and includes a large indoor fireplace, showers, toilets and a kitchen.. Main house as well as two cottages that can accommodate thirty people on a sharing basis. The main house offers stove, microwave, fridge, deepfreeze, TV, indoor braai and enclosed lapa with braai and bar overlooking pool and lawn.

Description: Leeuwenboschfontein, the farm of Jannie and Elsa du Plessis is only 220km from Cape Town, a mere 135km from the Huguenot Tunnel tollgate located in a triangle formed by the country towns of Montagu, de Doorns and Touws River. The drive alone makes it worthwhile. It is an ideal getaway at any time of the year, whether in the warmth of summer or the occassional snow of winter. The farm is set in a valley, against the backdrop of the beautiful Klein Karoo. This is a unique landscape of succulents, and renosterbos, bordered by breathtaking mountains,


Like many other 4x4 trails, this route originated when Jannie started making roads to reach the outskirts and the highest point on the farm. The 18km trail starts at the Main Guest House from where it winds through typical renosterveld, descending through some ditches and climbing over several small inclines. This section is somewhat technical, but not overly demanding. The trail winds it's way round to the western side of the Swartberg, with some low-range climbing along a well maintained track and reaching the summit at 1400m above sea level. Jannie recently completed a year long dream - the newly built God's Window enclosed shelter awaits you at the top! With sufficient parking for up to 25 vehicles, this is the perfect venue for a well earned lunch stop. You will be able to enjoy a magnificent 360° view from within this shelter, whilst surrounded by the luxury of a built-in working surface, sufficient seating and a cosy central fireplace. From here the road descends down the mountain to complete the circular route. Two very steep declines await you on this section of the trail! It might seem dangerous, but the front tyres slip only a "few centimetres" on the rocky steps, before gripping the rock again. If you have some nervous passengers on board, consider taking the alternate route!


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KLIPBOK 4X4 - Barrydale


Grade: 2 to 3

Route Length:  24 km, 4 to 6 hours

Terrain: Mountain 

Accommodation: The campsite is  next to a dam and flowing river. Full ablution facilities are available at the camp, consisting of 2 x hot showers, 3 x flush toilets and 1 x open air shower for the adventurous. A flush toilet is available at the picnic Lapa in the mountain. You will enjoy green grass underfoot and ample shade under the large trees in the camp. Don’t forget the light fishing rods as there will be time on Sunday morning to test your hand at fishing. Catch and release.


Situated in the Langeberg Mountain range, this mountain trail will test the driving skills of participants on the numerous ascents and descents that will be encountered. Interesting technical sections will ensure your concentration level is kept higher than normal throughout the day. At the viewpoint you will be greeted by a panoramic view over the Langeberg Mountains and the valley below, home to the well-known tourist Route 62. At the picnic spot you will enjoy the luxury of a Lapa with built-in braai and flush toilet. The picnic area also has a rock splash pool, with a wooden deck, to cool off in during the warm summer months. Some might even be brave and use it during our visit. This well-maintained 4x4 trail, with top class camp and excellent mountain picnic/lunch facilities, will satisfy any outdoor and 4x4 enthusiast’s needs. This is a must visit destination.


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KROONLAND 4X4 - Villiersdorp


Grade: average a 2 plus

Terrain: Mountain

Accommodation: The campsite is situated in tranquil surroundings with a perennial water stream flowing past the camp. The campsite has grass underfoot but offers limited shade. Should you wish to not camp you have the option of using one of the six Wendy houses available. Each Wendy house only offers two single beds. It basically means you will be camping without a tent


Description: The Kroonland 4x4 trail is approximately 10km from Villiersdorp and situated in the foothills of the Waterval and Baviaans Mountains. The trail is offered as a circular trail and traverses the mountains overlooking the town, the Theewaterskloof Dam and the numerous apple, peach and pear orchards in the valley below. The trail is not one of the most difficult trails around, but it will ensure breathtaking views with enough challenging sections to get your attention away from the view and back to the driving techniques required to negotiate the trail safely. A good combination between enough challenges to keep the driver alert and on his/her toes and  spectacular views to be enjoyed by all, as well as peace of mind that you will return after the weekend without damaging your vehicle in any way after a weekend of great outdoor fun. The many dams en-route and the river close to the lapa and camp gives you the opportunity to enjoy a swim and wash away the dust after a fun-filled day.


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KONINGSKOP 4X4 - Citrusdal



Route Length:


Accommodation: The camp site offers place for tents and caravans, where you can relax on the lawns and take in the peaceful surroundings. There are 37 sites, all on grass and mostly in the shadow of old oak trees.  Some of the sites have a degree of privacy (you need to book early) while others are laid out for larger groups wanting to enjoy each others company.

A calm and peaceful atmosphere is created by the small stream which flows through the campsite, also the lack of cell phone reception helps!

The sites are suitable for caravans, tents and 4x4 trailers, each equipped with an electric point.

For the hot summer days, you can enjoy a dip in the swimming pool filled with cold mountain spring water or a swim in the dam.

The clean ablution block has flushing toilets and hot showers, all the comforts of home
Take a hike and discover the original bushman’s drawings on the farm, while getting back to nature.

For those who still need the creature comforts of home, you can hire our self catering cottage.


Description:The 4x4 trails are situated on the farm Wilgerbosdrif between the Olifantsrivier mountains, 27km from Citrusdal and 17km from the N7. There is one for the adventours and one for the "not so brave", both have beautiful scenic views of the Swartland, Sandveld & Cederberge.

MONENDAL 4X4 - Swellendam


Grade: 2 to 4

Route Distance:

Terrain: Mountain and riverbed

Accommodation: The campsite offers full ablution facilities consisting of flushing toilets and hot/cold showers and other basic facilities.


Description: Situated in the foothills of the Langeberg Mountains, Monendal 4x4 is a trail that will satisfy any 4x4 enthusiast’s driving needs. Much though went into the planning of the 4x4 trail, combined with a great sense of humour when naming the various obstacles on the trail. Names like Gruisgat, Diepgat, Bumpergat, Langgat, Hardegat, Speelgat, Blougat en Sien jou Gat are only a few of the names that will be encountered when visiting the trail. The obstacles on the trail include everything you might encounter when out there in the great outdoors. From seemingly impossible obstacles, followed by camber and negative camber obstacles, steep ascents and descents with various different surfaces, to river crossings and riverbed driving, mud obstacles finishing with having to negotiate a see-saw.


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RONDEGAT 4X4 - Clanwilliam



Route Distance:




Description: The trail is situated at a very unique place at the Clanwilliam Dam, where the Rondegat River and the Olifants River meet. The name Rondegat could not explain it better. While driving the 4x4 trail, with a river on either side of the trail, you will be well aware of the pristine beauty surrounding you. The trail is approximately 15km long and could take anything from three to five hours to complete, depending on the time of year the trail is visited and the size of the group. It definitely is not the most difficult trail in the Western Cape, but one should be very aware of the unexpected technical sections that could catch you off guard while your concentration is lost in the beauty of the surroundings. No 4x4 trail is really complete without a great viewpoint and the viewpoint on the Rondegat 4x4 trail overlooks the Clanwilliam Dam, the Olifants River and well-known landmarks of the area. You will be absorbed by the silence and beauty at the viewpoint. Upon completion of the trail a light picnic lunch can be enjoyed on the banks of the Olifants River at a well-shaded braai area. Here sporty enthusiasts will have the opportunity to test their skills or play in the muddy sections of the dry Clanwilliam Dam.


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STEENRUG 4X4 - Clanwilliam


Grade: 2 to 2½

Route Distance: 42 KMS - 4 TO 5 HOURS

Terrain: Sandy & rock

Accommodation: The campsite is on the banks of the Bulshoek dam, so bring your fishing rod along for some bass fishing. If fishing is not for you, then bring your bathing costume for a refreshing swim in the Bulshoek Dam. Canoes/Kayaks and small boats are also welcome. There's full ablution facilities.


Description: The trail begins at the Cape Dutch manner house, which lies beneath the towering cliffs of Mount Synnot. Approximately 2km into the trail, the track passes an area where the endangered Elephant’s Foot (Dioscorea elephantipes) grows, a plant threatened with extinction. A few kilometres on, the trail turns off to a waterfall on the Langhuis River. Rock art can be viewed on the rock formations near the waterfall.


From this point the trail climbs steeply on rocky tracks through a grove of poplar trees and past a natural spring where we will stop for a break and to take in the view. The trail then continues upwards past a large plateau where the first rooibos tea was farmed. The trail proceeds to the lookout point on top of Mount Synnot. The town of Clanwilliam and the Olifants River Valley can be seen from this viewpoint while standing on the edge of a sheer cliff overlooking the farm below.


At a rocky outcrop, apparently named Tandekop, another convoy stop will be made to view more rock art.  This circular trail then re-joins the main route, at which point we will start our slow and steady decent back towards the valley and the farm. On the way down we will pass through a shady grove of Bluegum trees.


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KLEIN TAFELBERG 4X4 - Redelingshuys


Grade: average 3

Route Length: 15 km, 4 to 6 hours

Terrain: Sand, Mountain, Rock

Accommodation: Top class campsite, soft sand and shade trees, with excellenct ablutions, braai area, swimming pool.


Description: As this trail is situated in the Sandveld, the major part of this trail consists of sand driving, with challenging sections ensuring your attention is required at all times. An optional mountain section can be included in the driving activities for the day. This gives a good balance to the trail and when negotiate the mountain section the drivers need to adhere to the golden rule of 4x4ing, namely; as slow as possible as fast as necessary, minimizing the possibility of vehicle damage. A further benefit will be the guiding hand of one of your passengers and the guide, ensuring a safe passage through the various obstacles on this section. A rear diff lock and good ground clearance is recommended for this mountain section.


Very close to the start of the trail, a long sandy dogleg ascent awaits drivers. Tyre pressure and momentum need to be finely balanced to ensure that you reach the top first time, as there are numerous sharp turns to negotiate, breaking your momentum at each turn. Various interesting sand obstacles follow this climb before another long and challenging sandy ascent is reached. Here everyone will have great fun, while many photographs and videos are taken, capturing those very special moments. The sand section of the trail ends with an optional challenge of the well-known “Heartbreak Hill”, where many egos have been dented in the past, but with the peace of mind of no damage to vehicles.


The sand can become quite challenging during the summer months, but for anyone who enjoys sand driving with a twist, we highly recommend this trail.


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4x4 Trails of the Western Cape - I to S

Trail Grades:

1 - 5 - what do they mean?


1. easy - for 4x4 novices or 4x2s with differential lock

2. easy to moderate - 4x4 vehicle and some driving experience   essential

3. moderate - low range and 4x4 driving experience recommended

4. difficult - experienced drivers, low range and differential lock.

Recovery equipment recommended

5. extreme - experts only with serious vehicles, not for solo trips. Recovery back-up essential. 

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