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VOORHOEDE 4x4 - Caledon


Grade: Between 2 - 4
Route Distance: approx. 15 km
Terrain: Mountain
Accommodation: Voorhoede offers accommodation with self-catering cottages, a parkhome and ample camping facilities. Cottages are all situated away from the main working farm and are very private. No electricity is available in 2 of the cottages but gas facilities are provided i.e. Geyser, fridge and stoves. There are two campsites, one at the 'Carp-and ski dam' and one in the 'Akkerbos', both with hot shower and flush toilets.

Description: Voorhoede is situated 5km east of Caledon on the N2 and a 120km from Cape Town. The farm is signposted on the right hand side of the N2. Turn right and continue up the gravel road to reception.


The trail offers various interesting obstacles starting with a play area where the difficulty will depend on the amount of rain that might have fallen close to the time of our visit. Great fun will be had by all in the play area irrelevant of the amount of rain that might have fallen before the main section of the trail is driven.


The mountain section of the trail will test the driving skills of each driver through the various obstacles before reaching a panoramic viewpoint. The obstacles that will be encountered en-route may vary from seemingly impossible in the wet winter months to challenging in the summer with escapes at most obstacles giving participants the peace of mind not damaging their vehicles. The ascents and descents on the trail will test you and your vehicle capabilities in numerous places once again giving you’re the opportunity to get to know your vehicle better and play around with different gear selections. The more adventurous drivers do not need to use the escape routes in the play area nor on the trail, ensuring that adrenalin levels rise much higher than normal.


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WAAIHOEK 4x4 - Worcester


Grade: Between 2 - 3 depending on rainfall

Route Distance:

Terrain: Mountain and Sand



Description: The trail is situated in the Rawsonville area close to Worcester. This valley is famous for its vineyards and protea farming. Due to the fires over the last few years, the proteas are unfortunately not blushing in its full glory, but doesn’t overpower the tranquility and beauty of the Jan du Toits Kloof valley and the Waaihoek kloof. Normally the owner arranges a fundraiser event for the local farmers and surrounding communities once a year as well has an accredited shooting range for weapon training, which is required by law. This route is not open to the general public and here is your opportunity to visit a very scenic trail offering a variety of challenges with Cederberg 4x4.


The trail offers various challenges that will satisfy the needs of most 4x4 enthusiasts, such as the sand section with its man-made obstacles close to the ‘Eike Bos’ where participants can play to their heart’s content. There is also a small mud section that can become GREAT FUN for all in the rainy season followed by the mountain section where interesting technical camber and rocky section will be encountered ensuring to lift the adrenalin levels a few notches before reaching a view point from where the entire valley in all its glory can be seen before beginning our decent that can become challenging and even more so during the winter months. 


This trail is a good combination between mountain and sand driving with a beautiful viewpoint and is definitely worth a visit. This beutiful trail, in the heart of the Rawsonville area, is not normally open to the general public.


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WUPPERTHAL 4x4 ROUTE - Clanwilliam 75 km


Grade: Between 3 - 4 plus
Route Distance: Tra Tra Trail 49km Citadel Tail 14km
Terrain: Rocky and sandy
Accommodation: Camping with hot showers and flush toilets. Guesthouse in Wupperthal


Description:  The Wupperthal 4 x 4 trail is situated in the Northern Cederberg Mountains with the start of the trail at the Mission Village Wupperthal. En-route from Clanwilliam to Wupperthal, historic places like the Leipoldt Grave and the Englishman’s Grave can be found while driving over the Pakhuis Pass and enjoying the beautiful scenery and rock formations of the Cederberg. The Mission village of Wupperthal, with history dating back many years is always a worthwhile visit not forgetting the well-known shoe factory in the village.


The Wupperthal 4 x 4 route consists of two different sections, namely the Tra-Tra Valley and the Citadel routes. The start of the Tra Tra trail is at the Old Leipoldt House where the permits are obtained for the route. Leaving Wupperthal, the route starts in all earnest with the long climb to the top of the mountains onto rocky and fairly steep slopes. The circular section on the plateau has beautiful views from the various viewpoints. Return is steep downhill, not good in wet weather. Citadel trail is easier with breathtaking view of Tra Tra valley.


The Wupperthal 4x4 trail will always ensure participants maximum enjoyment and is always worth more than one visit.


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Grade: Between 2 - 3
Route Distance: The steeper mountain section, accessible for 4x4’s only, is about 16 km long, short trail criss-crossing the river, plus short obstacle course
Terrain: Mountainous
Accommodation: A wonderfully shaded bush camp site with a one of a kind donkey to heat the water and flush toilets

Description: The Farm Zevenfontein, situated at the foot of the Riviersonderend Mountains is a mere two hours drive from Cape Town with Robertson the closest town. It is probably one of the lesser-known trails in the Cape, but definitely one of the gems.


The 4x4 trail itself is rather unique, offering cross axle twisters, "mellowed" trenches and dongas, sharp up-hill curves, safe short downhills and a sandy patch, just long enough to get a vehicle stuck once, if the driver does not stick to the rules of sand driving.


Views of the entire Agterkliphoogte valley and the kloof with its waterfalls can be enjoyed from its highest point. Then all around the campsite there is a short trail which crosses the river numerous times providing for some interesting in / out challenges, all under shade and easily accessible for spectators.


There are also some swimming holes in the river nearby so bring those costumes. There is also a short obstacle course where you will be safely able to really test your vehicles articulation capabilities and get some really amazing photographs while doing so. You will also be able to test your "team work" with your partner as guiding will be necessary all round.


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WAGONWHEELS 4X4 - Monteque



Route Distance: 50 km (5 - 8 hours)

Terrain: Karoo Mountain & rocky

Accommodation: a wooden cabin, wabooms-berg hut and a fully furnished farmhouse. There are various camp sites availble, with hot water.

Description: Wagon Wheel offers four entirely different trail experiences, guaranteeing something for everyone - from soft roaders to serious adrenaline junkies in need of a challenge.


The trails cross two farms offering and cross through a variety of different terrains, fauna and flora. The old mule wagon trail forms part of the Wagon Wheel 4x4 trail, hence the name. The terrain is mostly Karoo and mountain with mainly rocky areas. The Ratel Route (the 5 grader) definitely requires two vehicles (with diff-locks) to aid with recovery. In winter, a snatch strap will come in handy. The trail has an incline that becomes quite steep and rocky. A newer section called Plooiberg starts at the viewpoint. It provides more of a challenge for 4x4s going up.


The view from the top makes all the effort worth while - a truly magnificent view over three valleys. Escape routes are available on all the difficult sections. From Karoo vegetation to fynbos to spectacular mountain views across valleys of a thousand hills. Its beautiful but tough.

Vensterberg 4x4 - Citrusdal


Grade: 2 - 3

Route Distance: 17 km

Terrain: Mountain

Accommodation: No campsite as yet but the farm has an option of four houses or cottages to choose from. Self-catering or you can be served breakfast. Bedlinen is provided, but please bring your own towels. For further info on the accommodation and directions, go to http://www.citrusdal.info/olivier


Description: A lovely scenic route, in the Cederberg mountains, on the farm of Gerrie & Mare Olivier.  There's one or two challenging sections but on the whole an easy route, taking 4 to 5 hours. A recent fire has destroyed quite a bit of the fynbos, but it is on the road to recovery and by next year most signs of the fire should be invisible.

TIERKLOOF 4X4 - Rawsonville


Grade: Between 3 - 4
Route distance: approx. 15 km
Terrain: Mountain and Sand
Accommodation: Camping with full ablution facilities


Description: The Tierkloof 4x4 trail is situated in the Cidos Mountains near Rawsonville with a beautiful view over the Brandvlei Dam, Worcester and the Breede River Valley below. The route is also called the “Donkie Kar Trail” and was used to collect wood in the mountains about 160 years ago. The trail follows the original route, which can be clearly identified from aerial photographs of the area, where workers used carts drawn by oxen to gain access to the higher lying sections of the mountains.


The trail traverses predominantly through Fynbos where the regular sighting of Dassies, Steenbokke, Duikers and Baboons are found. Although leopards still roams the mountains the possible sighting of one of these animals are highly unlikely. The total distance of the trail is approx. 15 kilometres and rises to 787 metres above sea level at the second viewpoint.


Upon starting the trail numerous interesting ascents will be encountered before reaching the first viewpoint. These ascents are technical and require drivers to test their driving skills while negotiating these obstacles. En-route to the second viewpoint more interesting obstacles will be encountered pushing the adrenalin levels just a little higher than normal. On the descent a very steep short section will be encountered before reaching “Diep Kloof” a deep sandy donga followed by a very sandy hill climb. This is always a good test of your sand driving skills after completing the mountain section. At “Diep Kloof” and the “Sand Hill Challenge” there will be enough opportunity for good photos and videos of the activities. The trail is a good combination between mountain and sand driving and is definitely worth a visit. To cool off and return the adrenalin levels to normal after this exiting route we have the opportunity to go for a quick swim in the Brandvlei Dam in very close proximity to the Lapa area.


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WAGENDRIFT 4X4 - Laignsburg


Grade: Between 2 and 4

Terrain: Mountain & riverbed

Accommodation: The camp offers sufficient shade from the large thorn trees and is situated on the bank of the Buffalo River. Each campsite has its own electricity point and dustbin and there is a communal ablution facility to satisfy the needs of any camper.


Description: As the name indicates, the trail crosses the Buffalo River numerous times, linking up with other rivers and always returning to the Buffalo River. This section mainly consists of loose river sand, big boulders, loose rock and deep dongas.

The mountain route of Wagendrift has some of the most spectacular scenery and viewpoints in the southern parts of the Central Karoo. These viewpoints are only accessible in a 4-wheel drive vehicle. We will transverse magnificent passes with exquisite views over the Karoo. The route itself is mostly made up of loose Karoo shale stone and sand with some gentle obstacles to make sure you are still alert and watching the tracks while enjoying the beauty of the Karoo. Wildlife is also in abundance on the mountain route with the likes of giraffe, zebra, duiker and baboon. Birding enthusiasts should not be surprised to see eagles, buzzards, black eagles and numerous other smaller bird species.


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WITTEBERG Private Nature Reserve - Touwsriver


Grade: Between 2 and 3

Route Distance: Different routes, different distances, see below

Terrain: Mountian

Accommodation: FULL ablution facilities are available at the camp, including 2 x flush toilets and 2 x hot/cold showers each for the men and ladies. Each chalet has its own ablution facility. The following self-catering accommodation is available: - A rustic historic cottage sleeping up to 6 people - Two 4-sleeper apartments - One 2-sleeper apartment All units are furnished and equipped. Bedding and bath towels are provided.


Description: The Witteberg Private Nature Reserve is located 250 km from Cape Town in the heart of the Witteberg Mountains south-west of the historic village of Matjiesfontein. Indigenous fauna on the property includes grey rhebuck, klipspringer, duiker, steenbok, aardwolf, aardvark, black-backed jackal, leopard, caracal, Cape fox, bat-eared fox and many more. The prolific birdlife includes many colourful species of nectar sippers.

The total size of the reserve is 4365 hectares, or about 44 square kilometres. A network of six 4x4 mountain trails covering about 48 km provide access to all corners of the property. These trails, originally constructed for flower picking purposes, are as follows: 1. Hoogmoed se Kloof trail - 5,4 km 2. Diep-en-Deur trail - 15,1 km 3. Hermaans se Werf trail - 3,8 km 4. Eendamshoek trail – 6,6 km 5. Driedamshoek trail – 6,2 km 6. Waterkloof trail – 10,6 km

4x4 Trails of the Western Cape T - Z

Trail Grades:

1 - 5 - what do they mean?


1. easy - for 4x4 novices or 4x2s with differential lock

2. easy to moderate - 4x4 vehicle and some driving experience   essential

3. moderate - low range and 4x4 driving experience recommended

4. difficult - experienced drivers, low range and differential lock.

Recovery equipment recommended

5. extreme - experts only with serious vehicles, not for solo trips. Recovery back-up essential. 

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