Sani Pass, Katse Dam, Thaba-Tseka, Malealea, Ramabanta, Roma, Mohale’s Hoek, Mount Qiloane, Thaba Bosiu and Qacha’s Neck.



High in the mountains of Southern Africa, unique in that it is an independent nation completely surrounded by South Africa, is the Kingdom of Lesotho — the Kingdom in the Sky.

An extraordinary country that provides spectacular mountain scenery and offers the chance to enjoy Africa’s majestic beauty, the simplicity of a mountain people, and a serene quality of life. A magnificent opportunity to explore nature still little changed by man, still unspoilt by crowds of tourists, and to appreciate the untamed but beautiful landscapes of the soaring Maluti and Drakensberg mountains.

The invigorating mountain air, spectacular panoramas of rocky crags, deep valleys and fields of alpine flowers, and the warm welcome of the Basotho people, set Lesotho apart as a special holiday destination.

To explore Lesotho is so easy. Excellent new roads wind up into the mountains, while 4×4 treks are an exciting way to explore the more out-of-the-way sites.

But for most people the ideal way of exploring Lesotho is on the back of the gentle, but sure-footed, Basotho pony — our traditional transport in the mountains.

Lesotho is Africa, but a different Africa, a special Africa, for Lesotho offers an appeal and an adventure that is rarely found in more commercialized destinations.