A magnificently beautiful country of extremes and contrasts, boasting majestic mountain ranges, indigenous forests, wildlife and oceans.



What better way to explore this wonderland of various terrains than by 4x4.

Explore deep into the heart of these South African treasures whilst experiencing thrilling 4x4 adventures.

South Africa is a very affordable country as the South African rand offers great value for money against major world currencies such as the dollar, the euro, the British pound, the yen and the yuan.

South Africa has amazing Safari destinations where the big 5 can be viewed up close and personal.

South Africa has some of the most diverse and spectacular scenery in the world as well as exciting Adventure Activities.


Here are some of the 4x4 trips offered by Cederberg 4x4


4x4 Trails for the Adventurous

Safety is always a priority when driving the exciting 4x4 trails that will test your driving skills. Although some of the trails will test the abilities of the driver, there is always a seasoned guide there to lend a helping hand. Explore the indigenous forests, majestic mountains, valleys and amazing sand dunes of South Africa's countryside, diverse landscapes that are also a photographer’s playground.

What better way to explore this wonderland than to go on a 4x4 trail through these terrains.



Leisure trips include Namaqualand, where, at the end of winter, as the rains have soaked into the thirsty earth, millions upon millions of flowers emerge in a phenomenal explosion of colour which transforms the landscape into a wonderland of beauty, creating a colour-filled spectacle that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. You will hardly believe your eyes as you travel around with flowers just about everywhere you look.
Our Biedouw Valley 4x4 trip is also during the Flower Season and it is always a total flower spectacle.
Lines of Longitude and Latitude
We drive these lines of Latitude South (driven West to East) and the Longitude East (driven South to North) and endeavour to drive as close as possible to these lines, as well as trying to cross these lines as many times as possible, while traversing many off-the-beaten-track areas not normally travelled or visited.
No advanced bookings can be made, all adding to the adventure of this trip. In the past we have made use of various interesting locations to camp or at times we've had the luxury of official campsites, very close to these imaginary lines we follow. Stops are made en-route to replenish supplies, as we do pass through or close to many towns.
The Kalahari,

The Kalahari, derived from the Tswana Kgala, which means ‘great thirst’ or ‘waterless place’ is a vast area of red sand dunes, the southern part of which dominates the Northern Cape.

Parts of the Kalahari receive as much as 250 millimeters of rainfall, albeit erratically, throughout the year, and grasses and acacias easily support large species of antelope, hyenas, lions, meerkats, giraffe, warthogs and jackals.
We will endeavour to drive as many off-the-beaten-track gravel roads as possible.

West Coast

The West Coast has a unique character and beauty, leaving you with the feeling that time has stood still for thousands of years. The cold Atlantic Ocean, buffeting the desert-like coastline, forms and molds it into breath- taking bays.  En-route we pass various active diamond mines, where the gems are still mined from the shore to this very day, as well as the ship wreck of the SS Namakwa,
Enjoy the beauty of the West Coast and preserve it for generations to come by only leaving your footprints behind.

Sand Dune Driving

Dune driving is very exciting and loads of fun. There are two dune areas that we frequent. The Atlantis Sand Dunes cover an area of roughly 32 km², situated North of Cape Town and a few kilometres inland of the Atlantic coast, a playground for lovers of 4x4 vehicles and sand driving.
Lambert's Bay Dunes, also on the West Coast, boasts approximately 250Ha of soft white sand dunes up to 35 meters long, and 50 meters high.

Apart from experiencing a slice of desert life, you can test your 4×4 driving skills.


All Exclusive Ladies Getaways
Ladies that need to get away from the hussle and bussle of work or family life experience a fabulous 4 days in the company of like-minded ladies. Not only do they drive their own 4x4 vehicles, loaded with their friends, on 4x4 trails or on sand dunes but many other activities are arranged, like abseiling, clay pigeon shooting, river rafting & yacht cruises.


Only limited driving experience is required as the trips are guided by a  seasoned guite who is there to help.


The trips are always from Thursday to Sunday.
The ladies sure have loads of fun.