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One would think it crazy to go to the desert in December, expecting it to be way too hot, well, with a cool breeze coming over the cold Atlantic Ocean the temperature is usually in the mid twenties. You may even need to wear a jacket in the evenings.


Driving the mighty dunes of the Namib is an amazingly exciting experience never to be forgotten. The thrill of looking down a slip face and then hearing the roar of the sand next to you as you descend steadily.


Discover the desert on a unique 4×4 desert tour from East to West across the Namib. The world’s oldest desert, world’s highest sand dunes, dune driving, adrenaline rushes, unique flora and fauna, off road desert camping and much more…




Trips to Namibia in 2019 with Cederberg 4x4


Saddle Hill


28 December 2018 to 02 January 2019 







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