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Luderitz to Walvis Bay


Namibia is a desert country with one of the wildest coastlines where desert meets ocean. The country is rich in diamonds, wilderness and wildlife. Namibia is sparsely populated with only 2 million people making it a very special and personal experience whilst there. The best time to visit Namibia is in the cooler months of May – October.


Discover the desert on a unique 4×4 desert tour from East to West across the Namib. The world’s oldest desert, world’s highest sand dunes, dune driving, adrenaline rushes, unique flora and fauna, off road desert camping and much more…


The Luderitz to Walvis Bay tour - takes you through the Namib Desert between Lüderitz and Walvis Bay formerly known as “Diamond Area no 2”.

Places to be visited along the way include Silvia Hill, Meob Bay, Conception Bay & Sandwich Bay. Desert wildlife, spectacular scenery, untouched beaches, abandoned mining settlements, miles of sand driving and shipwrecks are some of the attractions along the way.


Trips to Namibia in 2018 with Cederberg 4x4


Luderitz - Sylvia Hill - Conception Bay - Holsatia Mining Settlements - Walvis Bay


28 December 2018 to 02 January 2019 






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