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During years in the 4x4ing business Coenie has tried and tested various 4x4 products and he now uses and recommends the ones that have come out on top.


Some of the products below can be ordered from us, for the others we will point you in the right direction.


Should you be interested in any of the products below, please contact Marina 

Tel: 021 910 1363 or Fax: 086 260 9566 or

E-Mail: info@cederberg4x4.co.za 

# 1 - Garmin GPS


Speak to Coenie about your requirements and he will advise on the GPS to suit your needs.


#2 - Go-Pro Cam


Camara that attaches to  the front of your vehicle - the most advanced GoPro camera yet. The full range is available on request. 

#10- Tech Tyre Repair Kit


High quality Tyre Repair Kit containing an Insert Tool, a Spiral Reaming Tool, a Tube of Valcanizing Fluid and Ten Plugs. A must-have kit for any 4x4 owner.

# 11 - Tech TyreValcanizing Fluid

For repairing tyres 

#3 - Selago Tyre Gauge


A top quality tyre pressure gauge with Calibrating Screw and Shockproof Rubber Casing. An accurate tyre pressure gauge is important to ensure correct tyre pressure when driving in various off-road terrains.


#13 - Cederberg 4x4 Caps


Stunning light karki caps with Cederberg 4x4 logo





#14 - Hannibal's Impi Roof-Top Tent


This low profile glass fibre design is the most fuel efficient tent design. This extremely comfortable tent is just so easy to open and close. What a pleasure!




#15 - Hannibal's Canvas Roof-Top Tents


These Roof-Top Tents offer ease of rigging, coupled with comfort and the best in foul weather protection



#16 - Escape Gear Seat Covers


100% natural 510g breathable Cotton Canvas. Proven strength and durability. Fabric treated with a water, oil and dust repellent coating, but this does not affect the breathability, qualities essential when considering the long hours spent on the road. Removable and washable, custom designed for your model of vehicle.


# 17 - Lightsaver


Manufacturers of flashlights. Wholesalers & Distributors of flash lights and security equipment.

LightSaver's unique and innovative technology, together with product efficiencyand aesthetic design guarantee a range of exceptional quality flashlights, a affordable prices.

#6 - Lumi LED-lights - Lumi has a wide range of LED lights:

View the range on their website -

Should a Cederberger wish to purchase Lumi LED Lights. They are welcome to do so via our online store and at checkout use the discount coupon “Cederberg4x4” to update their shopping cart, getting them a 15% discount on their purchase. The Lumi Online Store: www.led-lights.co.za

Just a little added value for Cederberg4x4 customers!

#9 - Tech Tyre Plugs


For repairing tyres

#8 - Valve Tool


A practical, user friendly Valve Tool to deflate your tyres

# 4 - DIY Solar Charging Kit


A 120W, 12V rectangular Solar Panel, 1320 x 860 x35 mm, with 20 Amp Regulator (12V), 10 m x 4 mm ^2 Wire (2 Core - Black & Red) and 4 Brad Harrison Plugs. Ideal for any 4x4 owner to ensure that the main and auxilary batteries are charged when no 220 volt power is available.


#7 - Valve Caps - Quality stainless steel valve caps

# 5 - DIY Folding Solar Charging Kit - 100W


- 2 x 50W 12V panele wat opvou langs mekaar met skaniere en kan dra soos 'n tas.
- Toe gevou is die mates: 670mm x 545mm x 65mm
- Oop gevou: 1090mm x 670mm x 32mm
- Hy het aluminium pote wat uitslaan met vlekvrye staal skaniere
- Die paneel kom met 8m draad. 3x 50A Brad Harrison (Anderson) plugs en 20 Ampere Solar regulator (Charge Controller)

- 'n Dra sak gemaak deur Camp Cover uit ripstop kan ekstra bestel word

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