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All information supplied is given in good faith by Cederberg 4x4 and compiled from the latest information available at the time.  The activities, as indicated, are subject to change without
prior notice and at the sole discretion of the Cederberg 4x4 guide.

Vehicles : Only vehicles with low range capabilities can be accommodated.
Trailers  : Off-Road trailers/caravans can be accommodated on this excursion.
Guide    : Coenie Moll.


PLACE : LANGEBAAN ENGEN 1-STOP on the R27 (West Coast Road).

DATE   : FRIDAY 10 APRIL 2020.

TIME   : 10h00 SHARP.  Respect your fellow participants and be on time.
   Consider arriving early and enjoying a breakfast at the Wimpy.


The official start of the expedition as well as the formalities of collecting water on the beach at 33° Latitude South, where the Atlantic Ocean and land meet, will begin with our departure from the LANGEBAAN ENGEN 1-STOP. Upon completion of our formalities at Tabakbaai (33° Latitude South) we will head due east and endeavour to drive as close as possible to 33° latitude South.

As we are not making any advanced bookings for our overnight stops en-route, adding to the adventure of exploring the unknown, we will endeavour to reach our overnight stops early enough each day to give participants the opportunity to set camp at leisure, to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and to recap on the highlights of the day’s activities. One of our main goals on this expedition will be to set camp on the 33° Latitude South line or as close as possible to this line.  Our departure times each day will be determined by our progress of the previous day. These and many more factors will add to the mystique of this adventure in the unknown, but always within the safety guidelines of Cederberg 4x4. Once the expedition has been completed, people will have the option of returning to Cape Town via any of many routes. This can be done as small groups or as you may decide.


Ensure your vehicle is refuel at the rendezvous. Enough fuel stops will be made en-route, eliminating the necessity of carrying additional fuel, although many outside elements may have an influence on the route and distance we travel.  An additional jerry can of fuel will give you peace of mind if you do not have a long-range fuel tank. Not a prerequisite.


Everyone must be totally self-sufficient for all meals for the duration of the trip.  We should be able to replenish certain supplies en-route, but it cannot be guaranteed.


As this expedition is offered as a camping expedition, everyone must be equipped accordingly.


We will endeavour to set camp at least every second night where ablution facilities are available.


• WATER can be replenished en-route.
• WATER - It is always advisable to carry sufficient safe clean drinking water.
• WOOD – Please ensure that each vehicle carry a minimum of 2 x bags of wood at all times.
• WOOD will be replenished en-route.
• ICE – We suggest that you replenish ice wherever possible if you enjoy using ice in your drinks.
• GARBAGE – What we take in we bring out.
• Garbage disposal stops will be made en-route.
• Electricity cannot be guaranteed at the campsites. Never leave your electrical extension lead at home.
• A communal braai spot will be determined at each campsite.
• Only one fire permitted for the group
• Consider bringing a portable braai to be used in the communal braai area.
• Remember braai grid, braai stand, and tongs, eating utensils, table, chairs, tent and poles.
• The days could be warm and the nights cold.  Pack clothing accordingly.
• Advisable to wear comfortable closed shoes or boots.
• Advisable to have a broad rim hat and sun block on hand.
• Advisable to always have a sun umbrella or awning on hand as shade cannot be guaranteed.
• No electric kettles to be used on trips as most camps have limited electricity.
• No generators permitted on trips.


• All vehicles and Off-Road Caravans & Trailers must be in sound mechanical condition.
• Always have your spare keys for your vehicle with you.
• Recovery points fitted to the front and rear on your vehicle are a prerequisite.
• Your own Kinetic/recovery strap and 2 x shackles will be advisable.
• A tyre pump and tyre pressure gauge will be required to deflate/inflate tyres. Pack where accessible.  
• Carry a fire extinguisher, which is easily accessible in the event of an emergency.   
• Always carry your personal medical kit. Pack where accessible.


Communication between participating vehicles on any 4x4 excursion is important for many reasons.  It ensures the safety of drivers, passengers and vehicles while on a 4x4 trail, where drivers can communicate with one another as regards to their location and situation, not to mention the interesting information that is shared with participants.

We suggest all 4x4 vehicles that don’t have a 29MHz two-way radio, hire one from us at a nominal fee of
R450-00 for this excursion.

Should you be hiring a 29MHz radio, please ensure that your lighter socket is working.  If you intend running more than one item from the lighter socket, be sure to have double adapter handy as well as spare fuses for this excursion.  

Should you wish to make a once off investment and purchase a 29MHz radio, we have negotiated a special deal for all Cederberg 4x4 participants.  For more information, contact Marina on 021 910 1363.

NB:  If your vehicle is fitted with a 29MHz radio, please make sure that channels 1, 14 and 23 are open and working for this excursion.  

• Cederberg 4x4 facilitating and coordinating fee.
• Cederberg 4x4 guide fee.

• Any camp fees that we may encounter en-route.
• Any additional activities you may wish to partake in.

R2550-00 per vehicle.

R450-00 radio hire, should your vehicle not be fitted with a 29 MHz radio.


Should you wish to join us on this excursion, please contact Marina immediately to obtain the booking form for this excursion.

• We can only accommodate a maximum of 12 vehicles on this excursion. 
• All Cederberg 4x4 excursions are subject to a minimum of 6 vehicles.
• All bookings are made on a first-come-first-serve basis.
• Your completed and signed booking form will confirm your intent to partake in this excursion. 
• A 25% deposit per person is required to confirm your intent to partake in this excursion.
• The balance is payable on or before Tuesday 31 March 2020.
• Your completed and signed booking form binds you to all conditions on page one and two of the booking form.
• Should you wish to cancel or withdraw after booking for this trip, you will be required to find other people to take your place before any refunds will be considered.






10 - 13 APRIL 2020

Easter Weekend




The imaginary lines running from pole to pole are called Meridians or lines of longitude. The zero Meridian is called the Greenwich Meridian and it runs through the Greenwich observatory near London.  The lines of latitude run from 0° to 180° East and 0° to 180° West.  The lines of latitude run east west or west east around the globe, the equator as 0° (Zero degrees). The South is 90° South and the North Pole 90° North.  These longitude and latitude lines are used in navigation to accurately calculate your position on earth.   

In the past few years we have driven numerous Latitude and Longitude lines, always endeavouring to drive as close as possible to these imaginary lines, as well as trying to cross them as many times as possible. Not being sure how far we will be driving each day or where we will be camping each night, no advanced bookings can be made, all adding to the adventure of this trip. In the past we have made use of farmers’ dry dams, formal campsites, camping in the veld or under overhanging rock formations sheltering us from the elements. All of these interesting places where we stayed were with the permission of the local farmers and were arranged as we continued our journey to our final destination. These are a few of the reasons why we advise everyone to be fully self-sufficient with regards to food, water and wood for this trip. Stops are made en-route to replenish supplies, as we will be passing through or close to many towns.

33° Latitude South

Our next planned adventure drive along these imaginary lines will be along 33° Latitude South from West to East. Our expedition will start at Tabakbaai, in proximity of Saldanhabaai on the West Coast, and will end close to Nahoon Beach near East London. Our Latitude and Longitude adventures have become very popular due to the mystery of what could be encountered en-route. Take a map of South Africa and follow the line of 33° Latitude South from West to East and you will see that it takes you through many off-the-beaten-track areas not normally travelled or visited, not to mention the many small towns and places along the way.  Our 4x4 encounters en-route will be determined by the elements and the weather as well as the routes we choose to follow to our destination. One of our goals will be to light our evening campfire on the line of 33° Latitude South and camp near it. How we are going to achieve this will be one of the en-route challenges, adding flavour and excitement to this expedition. It is around these communal campfires that the next day’s route will be discussed, ensuring good group participation. A good map of South Africa and more detailed maps of the area we will be travelling through will add to the excitement of your expedition. A GPS loaded with Tracks 4 Africa will be a great benefit but definitely not a prerequisite for this expedition.

To add flavour to this expedition, we will collect water from the Atlantic Ocean on the West Coast, in a special calabash, at the start of our expedition and transport it all the way to our end destination, Nahoon Beach on the East Coast.  When we arrive at our destination of 33°Latitude South on the East Coast, we will deposit the water into the Indian Ocean, indicating another successful Latitude South adventure completed. As the trip is then officially finished, people will have the opportunity to explore the Garden Route at their leisure. Due to the popularity of these adventures, we suggest that you avoid disappointment and book soonest, as we can only accommodate a limited number of vehicles to be part of this exciting adventure.