24 APRIL – 3 MAY 2020


We will endeavour to show you popular and new destinations in the Kalahari

Our adventure will start at Kalahari Waters campsite on the bank of the Gariep River just before Keimoes. The campsite offers good shade, good ablutions and the opportunity to catch fish in the Gariep River. Departing from Kalahari Waters campsite we will head for Upington where we will replenish food and fuel supplies for the last time before heading north to the Goerapan where we will set camp for two nights. Goerapan is a relatively new venue recently opened to the public in the heart of the Kalahari. Here we will set camp for two nights and drive two Kalahari 4x4 sand trails. The one is a short scenic Kalahari dune trail while the other will test your sand driving abilities and techniques. Many hints and tips will be shared en-route by the seasoned guide with regard to sand driving.


Departing from Goerapan we will head for Molopo Lodge north-west of Goerapan. Molopo Lodge is a real oasis and gem in this dry arid Kalahari. It offers various types of accommodation, although we will be making use of the camp site during our visit, the other amenities including a swimming pool are open for us to use. The Molopo Camp is ideal for 4x4 camping enthusiasts. Here we will set camp for 3 nights.


While at Molopo Lodge we will drive a scenic Kalahari route which includes the well-known Naas-se-Rooiduin and Koo Pan.  It is set in the Kalahari red dunes, en-route to the Kgalagadi Trans Frontier Park.  The day will end with a sunset drive to a viewpoint overlooking the red dunes rolling for many miles in different directions. A true gem of the Kalahari that requires at least one visit that will ensure your return more than once.  The last day at the camp is for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Our next destination is Riemvasmaak, situated on the northern bank of the Gariep River, a few kilometres west of Kakamas. Riemvasmaak is filled with history that will be shared during our visit. The camp is situated close to the natural warm springs nestled between large rock formations. On our visit to Riemvasmaak we will not be driving one of the official 4x4 trails but visit the junction of the Molopo and Gariep Rivers. Enough time will be made available to visit curio and coffee shops at Riemvasmaak as well as visit the well-known restaurant/pub belonging to Norbit, a member of the Voetspore team for many episodes.
Departing from Riemvasmaak we will head for Kameeldoring campsite, 1km outside the famous Augrabies Falls National Park where we will set camp for two nights.  The guide will take you on a game drive inside the park and show you the lookout points over the waterfall.  This is a memorable experience and photo opportunity.

Here is your opportunity to experience some of the popular destinations the Kalahari has to offer. We will endeavour to drive as many off-the-beaten-track gravel roads as possible between the various destinations we are going to visit. Avoid disappointment and book now to secure your place on this affordable adventure to the Kalahari.


Experience Kalahari hospitality in its true form


All information supplied is given in good faith by Cederberg 4x4 and compiled from the latest information available at the time.  The activities, as indicated, are subject to change without
prior notice and at the sole discretion of Cederberg 4x4 or the guide.

Vehicles :  Only vehicles with low range capabilities can be accommodated.
Trailers  :  Off-Road Caravans and Trailers CAN be accommodated.
Grading :  All trail gradings are between 2 – 3.
Nearest Towns :  Upington, Kakamas, Keimoes and Augrabies.
Guide     :  Johan Roach




TIME   : Arrive any time during the day but try and be there before 18h00. Should you be
                            running late, contact Johan on 081 348 2105 in this regard

DEPARTURE : We will depart on the Kalahari Adventure on SATURDAY 25 APRIL 2020 at 09h00
  sharp from Kalahari Waters’s campsite.


Ensure you have enough fuel to travel at least 100km to Upington our last official refuel point. From here enough fuel stops will be made en-route, eliminating the necessity to carry additional fuel.


Everyone must be totally self-sufficient for all meals for the duration of the trip.


As this excursion is offered as a camping excursion, everyone must be equipped accordingly.


All campsites we will be visiting offer full ablution facilities. These will vary from top class camping ablutions to acceptable rustic 4x4 facilities. 


• Please remember that no alcohol may be consumed by either the driver or passenger(s) whilst driving at any time. Please respect your guides and your fellow participants and save the alcoholic beverages until we return or reach to the camp each day. 
• WATER - is available at all the campsites we will be visiting.
• WATER - Always advisable to bring own drinking water on excursions.
• WOOD – Wood can be purchased en-route.
• WOOD – Please ensure each vehicle carries a minimum of 2 x bags of wood at all times.
• ICE – Ensure you have enough ice for personal use.
• ELECTRICITY – Not all camp sites have electricity. Plan accordingly.
• ELECTRICITY – Bring long extension to be used where electricity is available.
• A communal braai area will be determined on arrival at the campsite. 
• Only one fire permitted for the group.
• No fires allowed on the ground.  Please bring a portable braai along.
• Remember your table and chairs.
• Bring braai grid, braai stand, tongs and other cooking/eating utensils.
• Bring Black bags (what we take in, we take out).
• The days could be warm and the nights cooler. Pack clothing accordingly.
• Remember your bathing costume and extra towel for the hot water spring.
• Remember to bring your sun block and hat.
• Remember to bring your cameras, video cameras, spare batteries and extra memory cards.
• Always consider the possibility of rain or cold weather. Pack clothing accordingly. 
• Always advisable to wear comfortable closed shoes or boots.
• Advisable to have a broad rim hat and sun block on hand.
• It is advisable to always have an umbrella or awning available when on the trail.
• Use tie-down straps to secure all items packed, as loose items can become missiles.
• No electric kettles to be used on trips as most camps have limited electricity.
• No generators permitted on trips.


• All vehicles and Off-Road Caravans & Trailers must be in sound mechanical condition.
• Always have your spare keys for your vehicle with you.
• Recovery points fitted to the front and rear on your vehicle are a prerequisite.
• Your own Kinetic/recovery strap and 2 x shackles will be advisable.
• A tyre pump and tyre pressure gauge will be required to deflate/inflate tyres. Pack where accessible.  
• Carry a fire extinguisher, which is easily accessible in the event of an emergency.   
• Always carry your personal medical kit. Pack where accessible.


Communication between participating vehicles on any 4x4 excursion is important for many reasons.  It ensures the safety of drivers, passengers and vehicles while on a 4x4 trail, where drivers can communicate with one another as regards to their location and situation, not to mention the interesting information that is shared with participants.

We suggest all 4x4 vehicles that don’t have a 29MHz two-way radio, hire one from us at a nominal fee of
R600-00 for this excursion.

Should you be hiring a 29MHz radio, please ensure that your lighter socket is working.  If you intend running more than one item from the lighter socket, be sure to have double adapter handy as well as spare fuses for this excursion.  

Should you wish to make a once off investment and purchase a 29MHz radio, we have negotiated a special deal for all Cederberg 4x4 participants.  For more information, contact Marina on 021 910 1363.

NB:  If your vehicle is fitted with a 29MHz radio, please make sure that channels 1, 14 and 23 are open and working for this excursion.  


• Any optional/additional activities not included in the agenda.
• 29MHz Two-way radio hire from Cederberg 4x4.


• All Cederberg 4x4 facilitating, coordinating and guide fees.
• All trail and camping fees.


R3650-00 per adult.
R2650-00 per child 6 - 12yrs.
FREE – children 5yrs and younger.

R600-00 Radio hire should your vehicle not be fitted with a 29 MHz two-way radio.


Should you wish to join us on this excursion, please contact Marina immediately to obtain the booking form for this excursion.

• We can only accommodate a maximum of 12 vehicles on this excursion. 
• All Cederberg 4x4 excursions are subject to a minimum of 6 vehicles.
• All bookings are made on a first-come-first-serve basis.
• Your completed and signed booking form will confirm your intent to partake in this excursion. 
• A 25% deposit per person is required to confirm your intent to partake in this excursion.
• The balance is payable on or before Monday 6 April 2020.
• Your completed and signed booking form binds you to all conditions on page one and two of the booking
• Should you wish to cancel or withdraw after booking for this trip, you will be required to find other people
to take your place before any refunds will be considered.




All information supplied remains the intellectual property of Cederberg 4x4