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Ruacana, Epupa Falls, Van Zyl’s Pass, Marienfluss, Red Drum, Puros,

Khowarib Schuss, Burnt Mountain and White Lady.

4 – 17 JUNE 2016


Discounts related to Cederberg 4x4 Benefit Card Holders
This agenda qualifies Cederberg 4x4 Benefit Card Holders for the applicable discount.
Standard Card  -  NO       Platinum Card  - YES  – 15% Discount of prices quoted below.
The discount applicable will be acknowledged upon booking.
For more information, contact Marina at the Cederberg 4x4 office on 021 913 4632 in this regard.




Kaokoland is a destination often discussed around campfires. The end conclusion, a must visit destination for any overland and 4x4 enthusiast, but all agree it should not be attempted alone. Here is your opportunity to join a group of like-minded people under the ever watchful eye of a seasoned guide and visit this remote part of North West Namibia. You will experience the culture of the local Himba people, camp at Epupa Falls, drive the well-known van Zyl’s Pass, experience the Marienfluss, take photos at the famous Red Drum, visit a desolate white marble mine and the Khowarib Schlucht, stop at Fort Sesfontein for a cool drink, visit the petrified forest and the well-known white lady.  These are but a few of the places of interest we will be visiting on our Kaokoland adventure.


Our Kaokoland tour is offered in true African style, whereby limited bookings with regards to camping will be made, adding to the true adventure and mystery of this tour. Our rendezvous will be the Kunene River Lodge on the bank of the Kunene River approximately 50km west of Ruacana Falls. Here we will spend two nights as most people would have driven long distances to the rendezvous. We suggest you allow yourself enough time en-route to the rendezvous to visit Ruacana Falls. Depending on the water level of the Kunene River, the falls can be spectacular as they are 120m high and over 700m wide.


Our next destination is Epupa Falls, some 100km west of Kunene River Lodge, where we will set camp for two nights. En-route we will stop and set camp approximately half way at Camp Seve on the bank of the Kunene River. This is a new camp with rustic facilities on the bank of the Kunene River and a welcome break after some challenging sections encountered along the way. The experience of camping at Epupa Falls is something very special. The constant sound of the water plummeting over falls, the tall Makalani trees and the local Himbas ensure that this will be one of the highlights of the adventure.  


Van Zyl’s Pass is by far the most well-known and want-to-visit-and-drive destination when visiting Kaokoland. En-route one night will be spent at the community camp at the start of Van Zyl’s Pass. This is a rustic bush camp with basic, clean facilities. After a short visit to the viewpoint overlooking the Marienfluss the highlight of the overland adventure awaits, negotiating Van Zyl’s Pass and placing your stone at the foot of the pass. Your stone will indicate your success of conquering the pass safely and a visit to this famous destination in North West Namibia.


Driving through the Marienfluss, surrounded by amazingly beautiful grass savannahs, while heading for Otjinhungwe on the Kunene River, is a breath taking experience. Irrelevant of the time of year the Marienfluss is visited, the savannahs remain a spectacular site to which no photo can do justice. We will once again set camp for two nights on the bank of the Kunene River, giving people enough time to explore the surrounding area or just relax at the camp.


Our return through the Marienfluss will take us past the Red Drum, a well-known landmark used by the SADF in the seventies as well as many 4x4 travellers over the years. It is now, as we head south past Orupembe and the Marble Mine for Puros, that we should encounter desert elephants, giraffe, desert lions if we are lucky and many other game species. It is amazing how these animals have adapted to survive in these harsh desert and semi-desert conditions. Along this section we will bush camp for one night.


Arriving at Puros, our next destination, we will set camp for one night and enjoy the rustic ablution facilities. Elephants regularly visit the camp during the night, mostly in the early hours of the morning. Heading further south we will stop at Fort Sesfontein for refreshments before heading for the Khowarib Schlucht where we will have the option of setting camp in the community camp or upstream in the riverbed under a large tree. This riverbed overnight stop is always very popular with participants.


Our next destination is a campsite on the bank of the Aba-Huab River near the Petrified Forest. The following day we will visit the Petrified Forest and the Organ Pipes before driving south via off-the-beaten- track gravel roads to the White Lady rock art before finally heading for Henties Bay where the tour officially ends and we have to say our good-byes.


Every evening around the communal camp fire we will discuss the activities for the following day. It is important to bear in mind that the Kaokoland overland adventure will start on 4 June at Kunene River Lodge and finish on the morning of 17 June 2016 in Henties Bay. Cederberg 4x4 has only confirmed three campsites for the Kaokoland overland adventure as listed below under the heading INCLUDED. All other camping en-route will be arranged by the guide as required. This is an overland adventure in true expedition style with something for everyone.


Here is your opportunity to invite family and friends to join you on an overland adventure of a life-time to some of the most remote and beautiful parts of Northern Namibia. Remember your adventure starts when you leave home with each destination before, during and after the trip having its own uniqueness and highlights.


If this agenda has awakened a spark of enthusiasm and given you the opportunity to fullfill your dream by visiting the places we mentioned, contact the Cederberg 4x4 office soonest to secure your place.






All information supplied in the agenda is given in good faith by Cederberg 4x4 and compiled from the latest information available at the time.  The activity times, as indicated on the agenda, are subject to change without notice and at the sole discretion of the guide.


Vehicles : Only vehicles with low range capabilities can be accommodated. 
Trailers  : Off-Road trailers and Off-Road caravans cannot be accommodated.
Nearest Towns: Ruacana, Opuwo, Sesfontein, Khorixas and Henties Bay. 
Guide    : Coenie Moll.




PLACE : KUNENE RIVER LODGE approx. 50km west of Ruacana on the bank of the Kunene River.

     GPS COORDINATES:  S 17° 21.244’ & E 013° 52.874’


TIME   :  Arrive any time during the day. Allow yourself enough time to reach the rendezvous not later
                  than 17h00, taking road conditions into consideration.



We suggest you invest in a good map of Namibia as well as the Info Map of Kaokoland & Bushman land. A well set up GPS will also get you there. Should you require more information please contact our office in this regard.
GPS coordinates for Kunene River Lodge are S 17° 21.244’ & E013° 52.874’



Ensure your vehicle is refuelled at either OPUWO or RUACANA. You will be required to carry fuel to cover a minimum of 950km for the trip. The roads will consist of gravel roads, mountain two-spoor tracks and loose dry sandy river beds. Calculate the fuel you need to carry according to your vehicle’s fuel consumption.



As this excursion is offered as a camping tour, everybody is required to be totally self-sufficient with regards to their camping requirements.



• Full ablution facilities are available at Kunene River Lodge, Epupa Falls, Synchro Camp, Petrified Forest and Henties Bay campsites.
• Rustic ablution facilities are available at the community campsites. 
• No facilities will be available when we bush camp.



Everyone must be totally self-sufficient for the duration of the Kaokoland Overland Adventure.  Please ensure you carry enough food for the complete trip.



A pre-trip briefing/meeting will be held on Wednesday 4 May 2016. The venue will be announced closer to the time. Please try and attend this meeting, as it is very informative.



Contact your nearest Home Affairs office for information regarding unabridged birth certificates for children and other information regarding taking children across the border. The inception date for the unabridged birth certificates law will be enforced from 1 June 2014. See this link for information http://www.dha.gov.za/index.php/statements-speeches/475-home-affairs-encourages-parents-to-get-unabridged-birth-certificates-for-children


• As we will be visiting Northern Namibia, precautions with regard to MALARIA will be required. Contact your doctor or pharmacist in this regard. THIS IS IMPORTANT.
• No handguns are permitted into Namibia.
• No wood is allowed over the border.
• Restrictions with regard to red meat taken across the border
will be discussed at the pre-trip meeting.
• An awning or umbrella is advisable for this Kaokoland Overland Adventure.
• WATER - Always advisable to carry your own drinking water.
• GARBAGE – What we take in we bring out.
• Garbage disposal stops will be made en-route.
• Electricity cannot be guaranteed at the campsites. Never leave your long electrical extension lead at home.
• A communal braai area will be determined at each campsite. Only one fire permitted for the group
• Portable braai’s – We suggest you bring a portable braai.
• Portable braais are welcome in the communal braai area.
• Remember braai grid, braai stand, and tongs, eating utensils, table, chairs, tent and poles.
• The evenings could become cold while the days could be warm.  Pack clothing accordingly.
• Always advisable to wear closed shoes or boots.
• Remember to take along the spare keys for your vehicle.
• Remember your video, camera and binoculars as well as spare batteries.
• Use tie-down straps to secure all loose items as loose items can become missiles.
• No electric kettles to be used on trips as most camps have limited electricity

• No generators permitted on trips



• All vehicles must be in sound mechanical condition.
• Always have your spare keys with you.
• Recovery points fitted to the front and rear on your vehicle are a prerequisite.
• Your own Kinetic/recovery strap and 2 x shackles will be advisable.
• A tyre pump and tyre pressure gauge will be required to deflate/inflate tyres. Pack where accessible.  
• Carry a fire extinguisher, which is easily accessible in the event of an emergency.   
• Always carry your personal medical kit. Pack where accessible.
• All other recovery equipment will be supplied.




Communication between participating vehicles on the Kaokoland tour is important for many reasons.  It ensures the safety of drivers, passengers and vehicles while on the Safari, where drivers can communicate with one another as regards to their location and situation, not to mention the interesting information that is shared with participants.  The fun part is the many interesting stories that are shared among participants, taking the boredom out of the long distances we need to travel to enjoy the great outdoors. 

We suggest all 4x4 vehicles that don’t have a 29MHz two-way radio, HIRE one from us at a nominal fee of R600-00 for this Namibia Safari.


Should you be hiring a 29MHz radio, please ensure that your lighter socket is working.  If you intend running more than one item from the lighter socket, ensure to have double adapter handy as well as spare fuses.
Should you wish to make a once off investment and purchase a 29MHz. radio, we have negotiated a special deal for all Cederberg 4x4 participants.  For more information, contact Marina on 021 913 4632.


NB:  If your vehicle is fitted with a 29MHz. radio, please make sure that channels 1, 8, 14 and 23 are open and working for this excursion.  



Should you be hiring or taking your own TWO-WAY RADIO into Namibia, please ensure that you have the correct documentation and license on hand.  It is your responsibility to obtain the necessary licenses.  More details will follow upon booking or contact Coenie in this regard.



• Any additional camping fees not listed below. Like when using the community camps en-route.
• Any activities that may be encountered along the road.
• Two-way radio license for Namibia.
• Two-way radio hire from Cederberg 4x4.
• Road transportation tax/levy at the Namibian border.



• Camp fees for 2 x nights at Kunene River Lodge.
• Camp fees for 2 x nights at Epupa Falls.
• Camp fees for 2 x nights at Synchro Camp.
• Cederberg 4x4 facilitating, coordinating and hosting fees.




R4950-00 per adult.    
R4950-00 per child 12yrs and older.  
R2950-00 per child 6 – 11yrs old.  
FREE per child 5yrs and younger.


NB. 15% discount for Cederberg 4x4 Platinum Benefit Card holders on price quoted above.

R600-00 Radio hire should your vehicle not be fitted with a 29 MHz two-way radio. 




Should you wish to join us on this excursion, please contact Marina immediately on 021 913 4632 to obtain the booking form for this excursion.


• We can only accommodate a maximum of 12 vehicles on this overland adventure. 
• All Cederberg 4x4 excursions are subject to a minimum of 8 x vehicles.
• All bookings are made on a first-come-first-serve basis.
• To secure your place, contact Marina for a Cederberg 4x4 booking form.
• Your booking will only be confirmed upon receipt of your completed and signed booking.
• A 25% deposit is required 45 x days before the trip/tour/overland adventure.
• The balance is payable 21 x days before the trip/tour/overland adventure.
• Should you intend being part of this tour but cannot pay the deposit now, please contact the office in this regard to make alternative arrangements.
• Your completed and signed booking form binds you to all conditions on page one and two of the booking form.
• Should you wish to cancel or withdraw after booking for this trip, you will be required to find other people to take your place before any refunds will be considered.




COENIE on 083 675 6194 or MARINA on 021 913 4632

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All information supplied remains the intellectual property of Cederberg 4x4