19 to 28 SEPTEMBER 2020




Lesotho, also known as ‘The Mountain Kingdom’ or ‘The Kingdom in the Sky’, is a country with amazing diversity. High in the mountains of Southern Africa, unique in that it is an independent nation completely surrounded by South Africa, is the Kingdom of Lesotho. It is an extraordinary country with spectacular mountain scenery as a backdrop to some of the most exciting holiday activities in Africa. Lesotho offers the chance to enjoy Africa’s majestic beauty, the simplicity of its mountain people and a serene quality of life for discerning travellers from all over the world. With the feeling of discovering the unknown there is a wonderful opportunity to explore nature, where time seems to have stood still for thousands of years and very little has been changed by the hands of man, not forgetting the untamed but beautiful landscapes of the soaring Maluti and Drakensberg Mountains. The invigorating mountain air, spectacular panoramas of rocky outcrops, deep valleys, fields of alpine flowers and crops high against the mountain slopes, combined with the warm hospitality of the Basotho people, makes Lesotho a very special holiday destination.

Our rendezvous will be in the parking area of the ENGEN GARAGE in Himeville. You might want to consider arriving a day early and spend the night at Wildlife Nature Reserve of Cobham 14km west of Himeville. This is a true gem hidden in the foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains.

We will enter Lesotho via Sani Pass, do the passport formalities and drive the well-known Sani Pass to the TOP of SANI where we will set camp for the night. Enough time will be on hand to enjoy the best TOP of SANI has to offer and enjoy a light lunch and drink in the highest pub in Africa.

Our route through Lesotho will take us through places like Katse Dam, Thaba-Tseka, Malealea, Ramabanta, Roma, dinosaur footprints and Semonkong. Most of these places are filled with history and lots of information will be shared en-route by the guide. The Katse Dam, a concrete, double curvature arch dam on the Malibamat'so River in Lesotho, is Africa's highest and second largest dam and will be a definite point of interest on our visit. The visit inside the dam wall is an experience sure to stay with you long after your return. The dam is part of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project supplying South Africa with water. Supplying water to South Africa is one of Lesotho’s main sources of revenue.

Enjoy activities like Basotho pony trekking, abseiling down the highest commercial abseil in the world and driving some of the most amazing passes through the seemingly never-ending valleys. We will be spending enough time at the various campsites, giving you plenty of time to explore the surrounding area by foot or by vehicle.


If some of the above-mentioned names or places of interest have awakened your curiosity, unfold your Lesotho map and let your imagination flow while you start planning your Lesotho Overland Adventure with Cederberg 4x4. The period we will visit Lesotho is the most user-friendly time of the year. We suggest you invite your friends to book soonest to avoid disappointment as we can only accommodate a limited number of vehicles on this adventure to Lesotho.


Consider arriving early on Saturday 19 September 2020 giving you enough time to explore Underberg and Himeville at leisure. Cobham Nature Reserve is situated between Underberg and Himeville, offers good ablution facilities with grass underfoot and sufficient shade at realistic prices.


Join us and experience the beauty of “The Kingdom in the Sky”




All information supplied in the agenda is given in good faith by Cederberg 4x4 and compiled from the latest information available at the time. The activity times, as indicated on the agenda, are subject to change without notice and at the sole discretion of the guide.


Vehicles : 4 x 4 Vehicles with & without low-range capabilities can be accommodated.
Trailers : Off-Road Caravans & Trailers CAN be accommodated.
    NB. Vehicle towing Off-Road caravans and trailers must have low-range capabilities.
Nearest Town : Underberg, Himeville and Wepener.
Guide  : Johan Roach.



PLACE : COBHAM NATURE RESERVE situated between Underberg and Himeville.
   GPS Coordinates: S 29° 42.242’ E 029° 24.906’



NB. This evenings camping cost will be for your own account.



PLACE : ENGEN GARAGE in Himeville.


TIME : 10h00 SHARP. Please respect your fellow participants and be on time.


DESTINATION 1 – (Arrive Sunday 20 September – Depart Monday 21 September (1 x night)

Rendezvous in Himeville and depart for Top of Sani Mountain Lodge where we will set camp for the first night in Lesotho, via the well-known Sani Pass. The camping is basic with good ablutions facilities. The drive up the famous Sani Pass is always one of the highlights when visiting Lesotho. Numerous stops will be made en-route giving participants the opportunity to capture that special photo while soaking up the beauty this amazing pass has to offer. There has been much talk over the past few years about the Sani Pass being tarred. Sometimes it is a blessing that the wheels of progress turn slowly, as the attraction to drive Sani Pass when it is tarred will definitely not be the same as it is in its present state. An optional light lunch and drink can be enjoyed in the highest pub above sea level.


DESTINATION 2 – (Arrive Monday 21 September  – Depart Thursday 24 September (3 x nights)

The second largest dam in Africa namely the Katse Dam will be our second destination in Lesotho where we will set camp for three nights. Having negotiated some scenic mountain passes after our departure from Top of Sani Mountain Lodge there will be enough time to set camp and enjoy a sundowner while overlooking the Katse Dam wall. No visit to Katse Dam will be complete without joining the official tour to the inside of the Katse Dam wall. It is a very informative tour putting everything into perspective with regard to the water supply from Lesotho to South Africa and the interesting statistics about the Katse Dam. There will be enough time to explore Katse Village, visit the Alpine Botanical Gardens or drive around the dam and visit the outlet to the Mohale Dam tunnel. This drive is always very popular and takes about four hours to complete. A further option is to spoil yourself with a drink at the Katse Dam Lodge overlooking a large section of the dam or arrange a boat trip on the dam and experience the dam from a completely different perspective.


DESTINATION 3 – (Arrive Thursday 24 September – Depart 26 September (2 x nights)

Roma Trading Post is our next destination where we will spend two nights in a well-maintained campsite with good ablutions, limited shade with grass under foot, water points and electrical points. An early arrival ensures you have sufficient time to replenish food supplies and fuel and join a guided hike to dinosaur footprints. Our early arrival will ensure that the people considering the abseiling can drive to Semonkong 80km away for the training the day before the abseil. Most people will more than likely join the people doing the abseiling and drive to Semonkong the following day. It is a tar road with beautiful mountain passes.


DESTINATION 4 - (Arrive Saturday 26 September – Depart Monday 28 September (2 x nights)


Malealea Lodge is a landmark and home to the popular pony trekking into the Lesotho Mountains. Here we will set camp for two nights in a well-shaded camp with grass underfoot and good ablution facilities. A full day will be available for a variety of pony trekking options or any other activities of your choice. This is our last destination in Lesotho. Various route options can be taken on your return journey home. These options will be discussed during the trip.



Ensure that your vehicle is refuelled at the rendezvous point PRIOR to the start of the briefing. Sufficient fuel stops will be made en-route, eliminating the necessity to carry additional fuel.




Good to rustic ablution facilities are available at all the campsites we will be visiting.




Everyone must be totally self-sufficient for the duration of this trip.



Contact your nearest Home Affairs office for information regarding unabridged birth certificates for children and other information regarding taking children across the border. The inception date for the unabridged birth certificates law will be enforced from 1 June 2014. See this link for information http://www.dha.gov.za/index.php/statements-speeches/475-home-affairs-encourages-parents-to-get-unabridged-birth-certificates-for-children


WATER - is available at most of the campsites we will be using.
DRINKING WATER - Always advisable to bring own drinking water on excursions.
WOOD - Bring own WOOD for the braai and sitvuur. (Minimum 4 x Bags of wood per vehicle.)
CHARCOAL - Consider bringing a bag or two of charcoal for cooking.
ICE – Ensure you have sufficient ice for personal use.
Electricity is available at some of the campsites we will be using.
A communal braai area will be determined on arrival at the campsite. 
Only one fire permitted for the group.
Consider bringing a portable braai to be used in the communal braai area.
Bring braai grid, braai stand, tongs and other cooking/eating utensils.
Bring Black bags (what we take in, we take out).
The days could be warm and the nights colder. Pack clothing accordingly.
Always consider the possibility of rain. Pack clothing accordingly. 
Remember to bring your cameras, video cameras, spare batteries and extra memory space.
Always advisable to wear comfortable closed shoes or boots.
Advisable to have a broad rim hat and sun block on hand.
It is advisable to always have an umbrella or awning available when on any adventure.
No electric kettles to be used on trips as most camps have limited electricity.
No generators permitted on trips



All vehicles must be in sound mechanical condition.
Always have your spare keys with you.
Recovery points fitted to the front and rear on your vehicle are a prerequisite.
Your own Kinetic/recovery strap will be advisable.
A tyre pump and tyre pressure gauge will be required to deflate/inflate tyres.
Please ensure that a fire extinguisher is mounted in your vehicle.
Use tie-down straps to secure all items packed, as loose items can become missiles.



Communication between participating vehicles on any 4x4 excursion is important for many reasons. It ensures the safety of drivers, passengers and vehicles while on a 4x4 trail where drivers can communicate with one another as regards to their location and situation, not to mention the interesting information that is shared with participants. The fun part is the many interesting stories that are shared among participants.


We suggest all 4x4 vehicles that don’t have a 29MHz two-way radio HIRE one from us at a nominal fee of R550-00 for this excursion.


Should you be hiring a 29MHz radio, please ensure that your lighter socket is working.  If you intend running more than one item from the lighter socket, ensure to have a double adapter handy as well as spare fuse for this excursion.  


NB:  If your vehicle is fitted with a 29MHz radio, please make sure that channels 1, 14 and 23 are open and working for this excursion.


Should you wish to make a once-off investment and purchase a 29MHz radio, we have negotiated a special deal for all Cederberg 4x4 participants.  For more information, contact Marina on 021 910 1363.



Border costs: There is a toll fee on entering Lesotho and is determined by the weight of your vehicle.
All other activities you choose to partake in while in Lesotho.



All camping fees for the Lesotho Adventure as per the agenda above.
Cederberg 4x4 facilitating, coordinating and guide fees.
Visit to Katze Wall is included in the price.



R3350-00 per adult.
R3350-00 per child 15yrs and older.
R2350-00 per child 6 - 14yrs.
FREE – children 5yrs and younger.

R600-00 Radio hire, should your vehicle not be fitted with a 29MHz radio.



Should you wish to join us on this excursion, please contact Marina immediately to obtain the booking form for this excursion.


We can only accommodate a maximum of 12 vehicles on this overland adventure. 
All Cederberg 4x4 excursions are subject to a minimum of 8 x vehicles.
All bookings are made on a first-come-first-serve basis.
To secure your place, contact Marina for a Cederberg 4x4 booking form.
Your completed and signed booking form will confirm your intent to partake in this excursion. 
Your 25% deposit is required to confirm your intent to partake in this excursion.
The balance is payable on or before Tuesday 1 September 2020.
Your completed and signed booking form binds you to all conditions on page one and two of the booking form.
Should you wish to cancel or withdraw after booking for this trip, you will be required to find other people to take your place before any refunds will be considered.




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