Ultraseal is a multifaceted unique proprietary product that is classified as a tyre sealant. Ultraseal’s attributes and performance is like no other tyre sealant in the world. Ultraseal’s R&D Team has taken the world’s finest tyre sealant and transformed it into a true tyre life extender. Although it has been proven that Ultraseal’s sealing capability has no match, the fact remains that it is the ability to extend tyre life, which is the key to reducing cost per mile for any fleet regardless of size or mission profile.


Ultraseal is a special blend of more than two dozen chemicals in a viscous liquid state. It coats and clings to the inner walls of the tyre and wheel. Ultraseal is water soluble.It leaves no residue when rinsed out of a tyre or washed off any surface with water. It does not adhere like glue. Also, Ultraseal is non-flammable, non-volatile, and not a hydrocarbon.


By coating the entire inner surface of the tyre and wheel, Ultraseal conditions the casing, seals leaks, and protects against most blowouts and air loss from punctures. The first time the vehicle is driven for 6km or more, Ultraseal disperses throughout the entire air cavity.


Normal flexing of the tyre and centrifugal forces enable Ultraseal to seal the tyre so the correct air pressure will be maintained.




Our contact details:


National:   Director Operations

                   Lenie Mare


                   072 447 9344


Regional:  Agent Western Cape

                  Lida Schreuder


                  082 370 8701



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The original preventative sealant - over 40 years of R & D

Works in tubed as well as tubeless tyres

Not latex or ammonia based

Internationally guaranteed


Our Guarantee


. To seal porosity leaks, air migration and punctures up to 6mm in diameter in the tread area for the

  legal life of the tyre.

. That it won't rust or corrode rims and won't ball up or dry up.

. Eliminates under-inflated tyres.

. Makes tyres run cooler.

. Makes tyres last longer.

. Prevents most flats and blowouts.


Available for motorcycles, quads, cars, bakkies, busses, trucks, farming and earthmoving equipment.

Prevent your family from being stranded along the road

Don't get caught in the Wild - Ultraseal gets you

home safe - every time.